What Is D
If you've never heard of D then head over to the D Overview page
or have a read of my D-intro page
D and Win32
I've put together a Win32Api.d file, this is a supplement to the phobos windows.d.
Paul Grahams View of Java and I await his entry on D in What languages Fix.
C# does not appeal to me it looks like a preprocesson for C++ to ease working with COM.
C lacks Objects and C++ lacks resource management and has too many pit falls for the unwary
C and C++ separte their interface definitions and their implementations.
So when I read Feb's issue of DrDobbs and came across the article on D.
I was interested, not just because I have always had an interest in programming languages, or because I have played about with the idea of creating my own fully compiled language with Java syntax and GC, but because D offered me all this without the hard work. At last I could write an OO program, without having to worry about my resources, but still retain compatibility to C and the with all the nice things that Exceptions and Object bring.
And best of all the alpha is freeware.
It's too new
Yeah, and ?
I have a few answers:
  • It'll go with your New TV and New Car and New everything else that seems to be the rising trend passed on from the Decades.
  • I can interface with you old stuff (C that is)
  • Everything was new once, Java was new, now it's in every web browser and even embedded and realtime versions exist, Linux was almost unheard of once only hard core Unix Guru's seemed to be interested, now you can buy it in PCWorld
  • It ain't written by Microsoft
  • It does what it says it will, and it allows you to write programs that do what you want them to.
  • What you are you scared of?
D and Win32
Once I got to grips with the samples, I noticed another there was one that did not compile straight away, and as you do, I set about to solve this problem.
15 minutes later, I'd hacked enough of winuser.h amd wingui.h into a win32api.d module and all run fine.
for those who want to see the beginings of my win32 API for d you can download Here. I have called it win32api to separate it from the windows.d that comes with D and because it is realy little more than a demo of how easy D and C can work together.
The Future of D
Who can tell, its has been make public to the world, and the d newsgroup is full ideas, good and bad, personally I hope Walter stands strong on his principles and does not do to D, what Sun have done to Java.
Unlike PHP, which have a very defined place, and came into being with very little competition, D has landed slap bang in the middle of the C/C++/Java/C# wars.
As Beos looks set to fade into the history books along side OS2, Linux and Windows seem to have stablised their positions and MacOS and the BSD's quitely hold their own niche. Will D be still born, or consigned to a corner of its own like RiscOS or fail like the ARC Mips NT machines.
D currently does not have a Unix port although a DFront (D to C converter is planned), will this be the spark to catch the fire.
There are a miriad of languages in the world, and very few have the user base that C has. Will D become one of them, only time can tell.
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